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Wildlife of Botswana

Be on incredible Safaris 

Go on safari with us and experience Botswanas animals and all of the big five up close and personal. Our guides grew up in the region of Khwai and Moremi and know the area by heart. We will give you a deep insight into Botswanas beautiful nature and animals as well as in cultural aspects. Observe the wildlife of Botswana on our Safaris on foot, by vehicle or on a traditional Mokoro Safari. But also relaxing in our lodge can be a wonderful experience. All the wildlife of Botswana spotted on safari can be seen from the private deck of your own luxury safari tents or from our dining area.

Botswana is known for the highest elephant population in Africa. The number of elephants in Botswana was estimated to more than 120 000 elephants and make up a big part of the wildlife of Botswana. The biggest populations of elephants can be found in the vast areas of the Okavango Delta. Due to permanent water sources the Okavango Delta provides perfect living conditions not only for elephants but also for several other elusive animals belonging to the wildlife of Botswana. Elephants are regular visitors to our safari lodge feeding of the trees surrounding the charlets. But also Zebras, Hippos and other plains game can be spotted grazing in front of the lodge. For a complete List of Birds and Mammals see below.

Elephant having a drink from the Khwai River in Botswana seen on a Safari. The elephant is standing on the bank between green grasses.
Liliac brested roller one of Botswanas most prominent birds resting on a dead tree stump.
A wild leopard walking through the thick Bush in the Khwai Area in Botswana.
Guests photographing the wildlife of Botswana on a Safari in Khwai.

Full Day Game Drive

Enjoy Botswanas best animal viewing areas on a full day Game Drive and discover Botswanas incredible nature. We offer full day safaris in the close Moremi National Park and Khwai Area including lunch, drinks and guiding.

Spotted eagle Owl in the light of a torch on a night Safari in Khwai.

Night Drives

Giving the fact that our lodge is located directly in the Khwai Concession O Bona Moremi is one of the few lodges in Botswana that is able to operate night drives.  Guests are able to see the nature from a whole new perspective and have the chance to spot rare nocturnal animals!

Guest observing  two elephants standing in the Kwai River on a traditional Mokoro tour

Mokoro Tours

Next to viewing animals on land we also offer safaris in traditional boats known as Mokoros. Guests can witness the water world of the mighty Okavango river. Guest on Safaris with Mokoros are able to take new paths that can not be taken by Safari vehicles.

Guest observing the wildlife of Botswana on a walking Safari in Khwai.

Guided Walking Safaris

Another opportunity to find new ways that can not be taken by Game Drives offers a guided walking Safari. Breathe in the bush and trail and track the wildlife of Botswana. Our qualified and experienced guides will create a Safari you will never forget!


Guests of the O Bona Moremi Lodge have excellent chances of seeing the iconic animal species of Botswana including all of the big five – lion, rhino, leopard and elephant. There is a program that has introduced both white and black rhino back to the area in 2000. Around 100 mammal species are home to the Moremi National Park and surrounding areas such as Khwai, Savuti and Chobe including hippos, zebras, giraffes, warthogs and many more. Khwai is known to be one of the best spots to see close sightings of leopards. But also the rare wild dogs can be seen hunting on the wide plains.


Almost half of the bird species that can be found in Southern Africa are home to Moremi and the surrounding areas. Birders have the chance to find more than 400 bird species including rare water dependent birds and migratory bird species. The iconic African fish eagle, Pel´s fishing owl and several colorful king fishers are specialties of the region and can be spotted alongside the numerous side arms of the Khwai River. Many migratory birds can be observed in the beginning of the year all over the regions in Moremi Game Reserve and Khwai Wildlife Concession. Riverine forests, green floodplains and numerous tributaries form perfect ecosystems.

Why our Lodge is perfect for Game Viewing

Unique Location

O Bona Moremi lays in the Core Area of the Okavango Delta in the wild Khwai Concession. “O Bona” means “look upon” which means that we can see Moremi Game Reserve from our Lodge. Due to the lack of fences the wildlife migrates from Moremi directly to Khwai and our lodge.  For more information about the location click here.

Excellent Photographic Opportunities

We only operate with open game viewing vehicles that provide a wide panoramic view and are well equipped for muddy and wet terrain. Our local guides know the area and have long years of guiding experience. Khwai is known for special leopard sightings, bathing elephants and grunting hippos. For a gallery click here.

Safaris by Car, Boat and on Foot

Various animals can be spotted from three different perspectives. Either from the comfortable Safari seat on our game viewing vehicles, in the traditional mokoros or on foot led by our local guides. None of the three safaris is like the other and each provides its own special experience. For activities click here.

Flexible Safari Destinations

With our mobile camp  “O Bona Explorer” our guests are able to visit other impressive safari destinations without making compromises. Our mobile camp can be set up in remote areas where no other permanent lodges can be found. To find out more about “O Bona Explorer” click here.

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